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profoundly touching”
—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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| Phillip Fradkin |

June 7, 2002

A DREAM IN HANOl (U.S./Vietnam):

In this revealing documentary, an American theater company led by an idealistic Shakespeare scholar goes to Vietnam to mount a co-production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a half-American, half-Vietnamese cast. Everything goes wrong: the actors clash, the American and Vietnamese co-directors have radically different visions, the government censors refuse to allow the company to sell tickets before opening night, the Hanoi Opera House venue is yanked at the last minute, and more. Without trying very hard, the movie speaks volumes about the Pacific Rim culture clash and the pitfalls of any artistic collaboration, and its optimistic conclusion is as profoundly touching as anything you’re liable to see in this year’s festival. Narrated by E Murray Abraham.

—(William Arnold) Grade: A-

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked each of its four Seattle International Film Festival reviewers to recommend three movies worth catching if they return to Seattle for a regular theatrical run. A Dream in Hanoi is among the 12 films chosen from approximately 200 in the festival.